Vehicle replacement standards

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Jul 21, 2023 11:57 AM 1 Answers General
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Good morning everyone

Look for a replacement guide for vehicles and equipment

I am sure there have been some adjustments in the last years


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Retired Alex Kostueck
Village of Schaumburg Brian Rafferty
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Jul 21, 2023

For the Village of Schaumburg, we recently completely revamped our vehicle replacement criteria a few years back. We used to go strictly off of mileage/hours and years. Now, we are using a point scale system modeled off of the APWA standards. We take into account the following criteria and the unit is assigned point values for each category.

  1. Service level
    1. Admin (1 Point)
    2. Support (3 Points)
    3. Front-Line (5 Points)
  2. Reliability - How many times the units been in the shop in the last 365 days
    1. 0 times - 0 points
    2. 1 to 4 times - 1 point
    3. 5 to 14 times - 3 points
    4. 15 or more - 5 points
  3. Age (current year minus model year of unit will give the amount of points assigned)
  4. Maintenance & Repair Costs
    1. less than 25% of purchase price - 1 point
    2. 25% to 75% of purchase price - 3 points
    3. 75% or more of purchase price - 5 points
  5. Condition
    1. Excellent - 0 points
    2. Good - 1 point
    3. Fair - 3 points
    4. Poor - 5 points

All points are added up and totaled and the units will be given a replacement category. Point values are shown below.

0 to 17 - Excellent
18 to 22 - Good
23 to 27 - Qualifies for Replacement
28 and above - Needs Immediate Consideration

We use CFA as our Fleet software program. Additionally, we worked with our management analysts to develop a Power BI report that can refresh all fields with the push of a button. Village Manager's Office and the trustees here have had nothing but positive things to say regarding our vehicle replacement schedule since we changed to this process.

I'm happy to share some documents or talk further with you if you'd like. Give me a call if that's something you're interested in. 847-923-6636.

Retired Alex Kostueck
- Jul 22, 2023 12:24 AM
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Thanks Brian
i will give you a call next week what are your work hours

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